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Why a Custom-Made Adjustable Bed Might Be the Key to Your Best Sleep Ever!
August 27, 2023 at 7:00 AM
couple on a bed reading a book

We all know how important sleep is for our health and well-being. However, many of us struggle to get a truly restful night's sleep on a consistent basis. Tossing and turning, uncomfortable mattresses, and physical aches and pains can all interfere with our ability to drift off, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.

If this sounds familiar, it might be time to consider upgrading to a custom-made adjustable bed from Innova Sleep Systems. An adjustable bed can provide customizable comfort and support to meet your unique needs, potentially unlocking your best sleep ever! Below is an overview of how an Innova Sleep System adjustable bed could be the solution you've been searching for.

Targeted support where you need it

One of the major perks of an adjustable bed is the ability to modify the positions of your head, neck, and legs to target pressure relief where you need it most. For example, raising your head and shoulders can help reduce acid reflux, snoring, and other issues tied to sleeping flat. Bending your knees slightly by elevating your legs can take pressure off your lower back. And achieving a zero gravity position, where your torso is slightly inclined and legs are elevated above heart level, can maximize comfort.

With a fully customizable Innova Sleep System bed, you can program and save your ideal settings. This makes it easy to quickly adjust your sleeping position with the click of a button on the accompanying remote. No more pillow stacking required!

Customized comfort layers

Innova's adjustable beds are also designed for personalized comfort. Rather than a one-size-fits-all mattress, these beds allow you to choose the exact combination of latex, memory foam, coils, and other support materials you prefer. This customizability provides pressure relief, cooling, bounce, or edge support exactly where you want it.

You can opt for zoned construction with targeted reinforcement in areas prone to sinkage. Or include a plush pillow top for cushioning without losing spinal alignment. By fine-tuning the comfort layers to meet your needs, you can create a sleep surface that perfectly contours to your shape.

Strong, stable design

Have you ever noticed your mattress sagging in the middle or sides over time? Innova Sleep Systems are meticulously engineered to prevent these issues. Their adjustable bed frames boast extra-strong steel and stabilized legs for unparalleled durability and stability.

Rather than using less durable bent metal or unreliable welding, Innova employs a high-quality machined and notched system. This provides reinforced strength exactly where you need it - at the stress points. And it allows for a slim yet sturdy profile that fits existing headboards and bedroom furniture.

Innova's designs also incorporate noise-minimizing technologies for whisper-quiet operation. This way, you and your partner can independently adjust without nighttime disturbances.

Convenient positioning features

From TV watching to reading to getting in and out of bed, the right adjustments make all your routine bedtime activities more convenient. Innova Sleep Systems come equipped with USB ports, lighting, and device docks to power your electronics and create a comfortable living space.

The beds also include a one-touch flat button that smoothly and quickly levels your sleeping position. This makes it easier to get situated for sleep or start your morning routine. And the underbed lighting illuminates your path at night for safer trips to the bathroom.

By incorporating conveniences that support your lifestyle into an adjustable base, Innova removes the obstacles between you and your best sleep.

Sleep better tonight with an Innova adjustable bed!

We all deserve to wake up feeling revived and ready to take on the day. But tossing, turning, aches, pains, and an ill-fitting mattress can sabotage the sleep we need. Upgrading to a personalized, adjustable bed system from Innova Sleep Systems could be the solution.

With unmatched durability, targeted pressure relief, custom comfort, and lifestyle conveniences, an Innova bed can transform your nighttime experience. If you're ready to unlock the rejuvenating sleep you've been missing, visit [Innova's website] to learn more and find an authorized dealer near you. The key to your best sleep ever could be just a few adjustments away!